Fleming Therapy will be opening the Fredericksburg and Stafford locations over the next 2 weeks, starting May 20th, with our Glen Allen office following shortly. We have made changes to our procedures and want to inform all as this will affect your visit with us.

Arrival/Appointment: Upon arrival, call the office to inform us your child has arrived. Your therapist will meet you at the designated entrance and a health screening procedure will be completed with a few questions and a temperature check.

Social Distancing Practices: To reduce gatherings, we will be minimizing waiting room use. We ask that you wait in your car unless the parent is to be present during therapy. We will not be able to accommodate extra family members, children or friends at this time. Social distancing practices will be enforced among our staff as well, with one person per treatment room and one front office administrator.

Therapy Safe Practices: The continuation of direct treatment is our number one goal! We will not be able to accommodate co-treatments at this time. We have reduced therapeutic equipment and materials in order to maintain a clean and healthy environment. We ask that you not bring any items from home at this time unless directed by the treating therapist.

Enhanced Cleaning Procedures: We will have enhanced routine cleaning and disinfecting practices in place after each treatment. All equipment and treatment activities will be limited while regular cleaning will be completed. Our treatment schedule will be modified in order to reduce crossover of individuals and to provide adequate time for routine cleaning after each session. We will be using CDC recommended disinfectants which contain bleach. If your child is sensitive to these products, telehealth may be the best option at this time. Enhanced hand washing will be enforced among all individuals, and hand sanitizer will be placed throughout the office.

Masks: All staff will be required to wear a face mask while at the office. We encourage children to wear a mask, however we understand this may not be possible. We will require any parent or caregiver present with the child to wear a mask.

Enhanced Workplace Safety: All staff will be required to complete a health screening and temperature check prior to each work shift. Any staff member identified as having illnesses, or visible signs of illness, will be asked to not to report to work. Hand washing will be expected for a healthy environment.

Payments: We understand many will need to make payments at each session. We welcome families to use our website or call to make a payment over the phone. Should you need to come into the office to make a payment, inform the front office and they will assist you.

We appreciate everyone’s support during these challenging times. We are working hard to make sure that we are prepared for the return of your child so we can continue to provide high-quality therapy. We are proud to be able to continue to provide telehealth for those unable to return to face-to-face treatment at this time.

We have all become adaptable to providing dedicated pediatric treatment through telehealth and now look forward to adding this platform to our offered services. As the phasing in our state continues, we will look to open our northern offices in the first part of June. More information will come as we prepare for these openings.

For more information please see our Letter to Families or email office@flemingtherapy.com with any additional questions and we will be happy to assist you!